Global Partners


Costa Rica

Our friends, Lonney & Paula Moore, are our global outreach partners in Pavas, Costa Rica. Along with The Hope Center, the Moore's are primarily focused on serving single mothers and at-risk children who are living in extreme poverty. Some of the ways they serve them are through providing food, education, spiritual formation, dental care, psychological guidance and leadership development. 


Through a long time partnership & friendship with leaders in Haiti, Redeemer's has had the honor of several opportunities to help make an impact. Some include:

  • Goat Project: Redeemer’s fundraised dollars for families to purchase a goat, feed, grass, and other supplies needed to raise goats. Families would breed goats and sell them, creating sustainable income. 
  • Pitch In For a Kitchen: Redeemer’s fundraised donations to help build a new functional kitchen in Haiti so that children would receive an adequate school lunch.
In Partnership with When I Grow Up

Redeemer's partners on various projects that help end extreme poverty in Africa. Some of the ways we have had the privilege to support the efforts in Kenya have been:

  • Providing shoes to children
  • Sending some of our Redeemer’s family to serve
  • Financial support of a new school build
  • Care packages & food boxes during the COVID pandemic 


Furaha Primary School, located in the slum of Huruma near Nairobi, Kenya has been providing a cup of porridge in the morning to help improve the health and energy of 450 children on a daily basis.  Their budget has only allowed for regular porridge, but what Redeemer's will be providing is additional funds so that the porridge can be fortified.  This will help immensely with their overall health and growth as it will add much needed vitamins and minerals.

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Muslim Countries
With ReachAcross

We get to support a local individual who is bravely bringing the gospel to Muslims in E.A.

Here is one of the ways this individual is making an impact:

"One of our workers, was introduced to a young man who is a new believer; they are going through Scripture together. The trust and vulnerability that they are investing comes from the ability our worker has in language and training as a Gospel bearer to listen and understand. Thank you for being part of a large team who enables our workers to be where they are, speaking and exemplifying the Gospel."