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Read: Acts 1:12-26

Key Verse: 1:21-22  "Choose one of these men who have been with us... For one of these must become a witness with us of his resurrection.”

What it must be like to be chosen to be one of the first apostles in the early Church! In this reading Matthias is chosen over Joseph but the process here is much different than how we would go about choosing leaders in our organizations. 

Firstly, what we often consider to be qualifications seems to be very different for the early church leaders. In our lives today, we would choose the person that we think is the best. That is usually the one with the best skills, the best resume, and the most pizazz. 

Consider the qualification of these 2 men: 

  • They were devoted, loyal & consistent.  It says that they were "with us from the beginning." They came up from within the group. 
  • They were embedded in community with prayer as a practice. This surrounds them with accountability & builds their spiritual health.
  • They were both qualified but then chosen by lot- by God’s providence- not by popularity & pizzazz.

What stands out the most to me is that, once called and sent, Matthias' mission (along with all Christ followers) is to bear witness to the Resurrection. Now this is a literal reading, meaning these guys really did witness Jesus’ resurrected body, but it got me thinking about that same calling of how we are to lead in our lives. Wherever we are, those who have been given new life in Christ are also sent to bear witness to his resurrecting power. If I am in Christ, then the Bible says I am being renewed into a new creation.

If we claim to be saved by Jesus' death & resurrection, then our ways of living a life of striving and emptiness should be being transformed. If God is transforming us, then we should all be witnesses to his Resurrecting power in both the way we live and how we share that change with others. 

If Jesus has called you to His side then he has called you to “lead a life worthy of the calling” (Eph. 4:1) and sends you to be witnesses to what he has done and is doing in your life.

  • If he's changed my anger or attitude, I am called to lead others through love.
  • If he has restored my marriage I am called to witness to other marriages who need His resurrecting power & grace. 
  • It he has transformed my thinking through the Word of God, perhaps I am called to teach others in ways that renews minds for Christ. 

What qualifies a person to lead family, friends, strangers or in ministry? Not what we usually think. Not the best education. Not the most pizazz. Not the greatest skills, but:

  • Consistency & commitment to communities of faith & discipleship.
  • Devotion to the practice of listening to God through the Word. 
  • Evidence (even if not complete) that God is resurrecting the new you from the old you.

Then we roll the dice, like drawing lots, and must take some risks and serve others in the way Christ served others & trust that God will use you and lead you better than you could have ever planned. 

How will you bear witness to resurrected life?